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The Metropolitan Club Stuttgart e.V. has around 40 members from more than ten nations.
Beside Germans and Americans, there are French, British, Indians, etc.

People of all nations are welcome and enrich our international club culture.

You don’t need to be a member to come to our activities. So why not stop by and say hello?

Every individual of 18 years of age and above can be an ordinary member when they are prepared to actively support the functions and programs of the organization.

Membership Dues

The organization is non-profit and charges annual dues to ordinary and supporting members in oder to:

  • defray the costs of hosting programs
    (facility or equipment rental, transportation, etc.)
  • advertise to generate interest in programs and to recruit new members
  • provide discounts to members for various public events
  • cover any miscellaneous expenses incurred in operating the club

Our Executive Board and members work for the club on a voluntary basis and receive no renumeration.

The annual membership dues are payable by March, 15th.
Members who have been accepted during the calendar year pay one twelfth of the annual dues per month of their membership.


36 €

Married couples

54 €

Reduced dues (e.g. students)

24 €

Reduced dues for
Conversation Club members

18 €

It is possible to pay cash, by bank transfer or debit authorization (preferred).

"The club does a tremendous amount of good and has wide variety of programs to meet the interests of a diverse audience.

The fee of 36 €/year is actually quite inexpensive (only 3 € per month!) when compared to other clubs which are not nearly as active as we are. Everyone is welcome to come to our programs and monthly Stammtisch, especially those interested in becoming club members!"

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