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What is the Metropolitan Club?

The Metropolitan Club Stuttgart - International Society e.V..
is a lively and active club with international
members from all walks of life.

The club was founded not long after the Second World War “... to promote through cultural, educational and social activities the mutual contact and understanding among primarily young people of all nations, especially between Germans and Americans.”
(quote from our constitution)

The objective is to foster the idea of international understanding and the exchange of cultural values through activities mainly held in English language.

The club’s purpose will also be accomplished by “providing the knowledge and understanding of the regional topography, culture and history to foreigners by means of lectures and excursions”.
(quote from our constitution)


We have a wide range of social activities, cultural events and educational programs, most of which are led by our members, cost nothing or very little, are open to the general public and include:

- Lectures and presentations on interesting topics

  • slide shows from trips (e.g. vacations) along with descriptions and impressions of the people, food, landscape, etc.
  • informative descriptions of various historical, technical, musical, etc. topics
  • guest lecturers from university professors, writers, scientists, etc.

- Visits to special locations and events

  • guided tours to various surrounding cities and towns
  • opera, popular music and plays
  • weekend trips for skiing, hiking, wine tasting, etc.,
  • cusine sampling at various restaurants
  • museums, cathedrals, goverment buildings, etc.
  • movies, dancing, ice skating, etc.

- Games and cooking programs

- Bimonthly on the first Friday we have an INTERNATIONAL
Here you can meet us and other interested
  active folks of different nations. Check our upcoming programs!

The members and their ideas keep the club alive and provide loads of enjoyment for all!


The Metropolitan Club Stuttgart e.V. is Member of the
Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum/James-F.-Byrnes-Institut e.V. (DAZ)


We speak English for all official programs.

Many come to practice and improve their English while making new friends, learning a few things and generally having fun!

Man spricht aber auch deutsch!

Meeting Place and Time

We usually meet on Tuesday evenings at 19:30 h as well as some weekend mornings or afternoons. The usual (but not always) meeting place on Tuesdays is the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum (DAZ), Charlottenplatz 17, in central Stuttgart (the “Amadeus” pub is in the same building). Take entrance 3 from the inner courtyard and go to the top floor.
Please check our current
program for exact details, since sometimes our meetings take place at other locations or times.


We have around 50 members from more than ten nations.
Beside Germans and Americans, there are French, British, Indians, etc.

People of all nations are welcome and enrich our international club culture.

You don’t need to be a member to come to our activities. So why not stop by and say hello?

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